In this crazy journey, I’ve met some incredible authors, and even teamed-up with a few. This is a list of blogs & authors I follow/support (it’s a growing list):

Shifter Academy:

Jesse Booth

Joanna Reeder

Tricia Barr

Alessandra Jay

Shifter Academy


Kelly Williams

Olivia Folmar Ard

Her books are all new adult women’s fiction, but everything she writes is clean/cleanish, and everything has so much heart.

Posts Featuring Olivia

Chrys Cymri

An English Vicar with a delightful sense of humor, her books are clean romps into incredible worlds of fantasy. (I keep comparing her Penny White series to Harry Potter, but for adults.)

Posts Featuring Chrys

Andrew M Ferrell

A voracious reader, loving father, and budding writer. Andrew’s stories are fantastic, and though he’s still ironing out his craft, his stories are on the cleanish side of the spectrum, and full of compelling plots and characters.

Posts Featuring Andrew

Sea Chapman

An incredible woman and editor, mother and wife, I love me some Sea. She’s still working on getting her own stuff out there, but with so much to do, who can blame her?

Little Boxes

This is a group of young adult authors, banding together for support. I’m still getting to know the treasures, but here’s some of who you’ll be seeing plenty of in my social media feeds:

Terry Marchion

Roxanne Smolen

Erin McIntyre

Daphne James Huff

Keisha Ramdhanie

Maggie Hasbrouck

J.M. Turner

C.M. Gray

Ziv Gray

Tamar Sloan

D.R. Perry

Audrey Rich

Theresa Sopko

Lea McKee

Niall O’Byrne

Simon Rose

Cathy McGough

Trish Moran

Kell Frillman

Stephen B Cooper

Benjamin Smith

Mike LaMontagne

Will Hallewell

Mark Glamack

Lesley Wilson

Jean Baptiste Rufatabahizi