Book Review: The Marshall Plan by @oliviadeard

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The Marshall PlanThe Marshall Plan by Olivia Folmar Ard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was looking back through my blog and I realized that I didn’t have these reviews on here! How silly of me to miss them. Olivia is one of my favorite authors, and it didn’t seem right. And with the upcoming release of her new seasonal tale, ‘Tis the Season, I figured this would be a great time to backtrack.

If you missed it, I posted a review of The Partition of Africa, Book 1 of the Bennett series, yesterday.

Check back tomorrow for my review of ‘Tis the Season on its release day!


Molly Marshall is fresh out of college, stuck in a menial job she hates, engaged to a man who she feels has lost his ambition for anything useful, and is generally dissatisfied with it all. Her own troubled childhood seems to further distance her from her fiancé, but when his seemingly perfect family reveals a long-kept secret, it changes everything.

Through every circumstance, she learns more about herself and the way she views the world. Barreling towards what she thinks is her dream, she finds out along the way that it’s not circumstances that make you happy, but your mindset.


The Marshall Plan is book 2 of the Bennett series of stand alone novels. It builds on book 1, but can be read without reading book 1 and still be enjoyable and easy to understand.

Molly Marshall, in whose head we live for this story, is probably the most relatable character I have ever come across. For anyone who has ever doubted themselves, found themselves unsatisfied with the life they’re living, or judged current circumstances based on past experiences, I think you’ll love Molly too.

This book is almost as good as a therapy session, without the awkward, “So, how does that make you feel?” question. It’s a contemporary tale that speaks to any age or stage of life.

The writing style is easy to digest, leaving the reader free to enjoy the story that enfolds. I have long admired author Olivia Folmar Ard for her presence in the writing community, and reading her work has only served to deepen that admiration.

Though not my usual read, I can wholeheartedly give The Marshall Plan the 5 stars it deserves.

I received this book as a free advanced reader’s copy. This review is my honest opinion.

**This story, like all of Olivia’s stuff, is delightfully clean.

Come back tomorrow to see my review of ‘Tis the Season, and grab a copy while you’re at it. Available for preorders today, and releasing tomorrow!

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