Book Review: The Gift of the Unicorn & Other Stories by Chrys Cymri

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The Gift of the Unicorn and other storiesThe Gift of the Unicorn & Other Stories by Chrys Cymri
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For the love of all things fantasy, you HAVE to read The Gift of the Unicorn and Other Stories!

I’ve recently fallen in love with the works of this author, but this collection was quite the delight.

The title story is a touching story about a fallen knight’s wounds, both physical and emotional, and how he was healed.

A Mammoth Mistake was my favorite – you start the story thinking that either this is a situation in which the crazy person spouting off is telling the truth or completely mad. You leave the story laughing. The twist at the end is so fantastically twisted, you’ll never guess the outcome.

And then the author has the first chapters of her books. I’ve already read one, so no surprises there, but now I absolutely must read Dragons Can Only Rust: Gonard’s Journey Book One. The Judas Disciple may get added to my list too – the world is incredibly intriguing.

Basically, read at your own risk, because I can almost guarantee that you’ll be buying up all the author’s books after you read this collection of humorous, thoughtful, and addictive stories.

The writing is what I consider clean (I only had to edit one word for my son’s sake when reading aloud to him, but it was minor and made sense in the narrative). As always, I can heartily recommend any of her books.

(If you haven’t read Penny White and the Temptation of Dragons, I suggest you do so. I’ve had the privilege of reading an Advanced Reader Copy, and it’s another winner. – You’ll get a full review as soon as the book becomes available. 😀 ) Her other books include: The Unicorn Throne & The Dragon Throne)

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