Book Review: Haunting of House 1273 by @AndrewMFerrell

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Haunting of House 1273Haunting of House 1273 by Andrew M. Ferrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was a fortunate beta reader for Haunting of House 1273. I’ve seen the author’s growth with this story, and I found it quite enjoyable.


Matthew’s family just moved to a new house in a new state, and he’s not thrilled with it — until he meets his new next door neighbor, Karen. But what’s going on inside the house is plenty interesting, as he’s soon to find out.

Moving objects, disappearing music, and a dark creature are just a few of the strange occurrences that are putting the family on edge.

Matthew and Karen team up to learn what’s lurking in the house — a sinister force that threatens to pull his family apart — and how to dispel it before it accomplishes its goals.


Entertaining, suspenseful, and a relatively short read. Haunting of House 1273 will keep you entertained for an afternoon with a delightful bit of horror and suspense with a happy ending.

While this work may not be polished to perfection, the author has a knack for creating compelling stories and characters. And he’s sure to improve if he keeps it up. :)

You can see my review of his first book, Beginnings, here.

**This story is on my clean list.

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