Book Review: The Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri

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The Cult of UnicornsThe Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri
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An incredible second book in the series.


In The Cult of Unicorns, Book 2 of the Penny White series, Penny’s time, split between Lloegyr (a magical parallel world) and her parish on earth, is starting to get to her. Between her rides on her dragon “friend”, Raven, dates with Peter, and the common trials that come with running a church, she’s caught between two worlds that pull on her every moment.

And on top of everything else, there’s trouble brewing in Northampton, England, where dead bodies keep showing up. But their unusual wounds point to a source no one is willing to believe, as the unicorns have been established as peacemakers.


This book is a little more contemplative than the first, digging into Penny, her friends, and what makes them all tick. There’s sweet romance, plenty of humor, and a magical world that will take your breath away.

If you haven’t heard me touting the praises of The Temptation of Dragons, you’ve been missing out.

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The Penny White series has a very real, Harry Potter edge to it, but with a more mature, female lead. I recommend it any chance I get, and with book two out (and more on the way!), now’s a great time to get started on this amazing series by a brilliant author.

Grab your copy of The Temptation of Dragons and The Cult of Unicorns today.

**This book is absolutely clean.

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