New Release: Magic Academy free anthology

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Eep! I’m so excited to announce that I’m part of this new free anthology, Magic Academy. 😀

It’s chock full of fantastic stories from incredible authors, all centering around a school that is well beyond ordinary.

My story is A New Heritage, and it features bad boy, Adam. *grins like the Cheshire cat* For those of you who haven’t read Shifter Academy yet, he appears in book 2 of the Siren Prophecy, and he’s a bit of a foil for our spunky little Kenzie. And it turns out, Adam has ambitions that extend farther than anyone realized (you’ll learn more about that in book 3 of the Siren Prophecy, but really, the short story is the best authority on all things Adam).

I’m so excited about the stories, I’ve downloaded a copy for myself.

Updated 5/7/19: Eeeep! Magic Academy has a new cover! Check it out:

Magic Academy, a YA Contemporary Fantasy Short Story Collection |

Magic Academy, a ya contemporary fantasy short story collection | www.angeleya.comMagic Academy

by Megan Linski, Alicia Rades, Ashley McLeo, Anna Santos, Nicole Zoltack, Rebecca Ethington, Jackie Owlett, Jen L. Gray, Angel Leya, J.A. Culican, C.K. Dawn, and A.J. Flowers

Genre: Young adult, contemporary fantasy, short stories, anthology, paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy


Class is in session!

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to Magic Academy — and your enrollment starts now!

Attend magical classes, tend to mythical creatures, go on dangerous adventures and explore forbidden romances in this anthology of incredible paranormal and fantasy shorts. Fly with dragons, cast spells with witches, and discover hidden secrets in a collection of stories that’s all about attending enchanting high schools and spellbinding universities. Make new friends — or enemies — and conjure your crush in this funny and exciting selection.

Enjoy this collection of young adult stories with the right amount of action and romance. Become bewitched by Magic Academy today!

You can also read my review of Magic Academy.

Get your copy here:


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