Scorched, Shifted Prophecy #2 (Shifter Academy) by Angel Leya, Tricia Barr, Joanna Reeder, Jesse Booth and Alessandra Jay | www.theshifteracademy.comScorched

Siren Prophecy #2

(Shifter Academy)

by Tricia BarrJesse BoothJoanna ReederAngel Leya, and Alessandra Jay

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance (Clean)


**Warning: Contains some spoilers for Shifted, Book 1 of the Siren Prophecy**

A siren prophecy, a love curse, and a devastating decision that will change the fate of shifter-kind forever.

Resuming normal life isn’t exactly an option for Myreen after finding out she’s a freak chimera and the daughter of a villainous vampire leader. But she can’t forget about that kiss she shared with dragon shifter Kol, even if he’s still acting hot one minute and cold the next.

Juliet’s love life isn’t looking so great, either, while Kenzie’s may be too hot to handle. And Leif’s feeling the heat of his subterfuge with the vampires, while Oberon is struggling to keep the school together.

Time’s ticking, the prophecy is hanging over everyone’s heads, and the fate of the Dome and all shifter-kind rests in the hands of a teenager who’s not sure she’ll ever be ready to kill her own father, no matter how terrible he might be.

If you love Harry Potter, The House of Night, and A Shade of Vampire, you’ll devour this sequel to the USA Today bestseller, Shifted.

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For fifty years, The Island has been a haven for shifters wanting to learn to better control their abilities, safe from the threat of hunters and vampires.

But Oberon Rex, one of the last gryphon shifters, worries it’s not safe enough. Despite his wife’s misgivings, he spends his evenings hunting down vampires in the name of protecting the school and the future of all shifters.

That all comes to an end when he finds out his wife is pregnant.

But leaving the fight doesn’t ensure that the fight leaves him. When word comes of increased vampire activity in the nearby city, Oberon feels it’s his job to investigate. His wife doesn’t agree.

Will Oberon honor his promise to his wife to spend his nights safe at home, or will he do what it takes to protect the school one more time?

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