Book Review: The Matsumoto Trilogy by @sarah_kl_wilson ‏

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So, I picked up these books a while ago, and since this year I’m focusing on trying to get through series, I decided to try this one. I got the covers when they were the pretty futuristic head one, which … Continued

25 of the Best YA Paranormal School/Academy Books

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School-based fantasy stories like Harry Potter, Legacies, and Twilight are nothing new. Song of the Lioness and the Earthsea Chronicles are some classics that place us in fantastic learning environments, filled with wonder, magic, and danger. If you’re looking for … Continued

Book Review: Six Queens

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Six Queens by Rhonda Sermon My rating: 5 of 5 stars Four short stories–and yes, they are delightfully short–to introduce readers to four fantastic writers. Each story is about a 15 minute read, and gives you a good taste of … Continued