Book Review: Six Queens

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Six Queens (Enlighten #0.5, Midnight Chronicles #0.5, Unweaving #0.5, Shift of Shadow and Soul #0.5)Six Queens by Rhonda Sermon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Four short stories–and yes, they are delightfully short–to introduce readers to four fantastic writers. Each story is about a 15 minute read, and gives you a good taste of the author and the series they’re presenting. Quite satisfying, too.

Wrath of Witches by Hilary Thompson is a fun romp with a shady and soulful pickpocket who meets a talented paladin chasing his destiny.

Prince of Hawks by Sarah K.L. Wilson dives into the life of a warrior prince whose day is about to be ruined.

Jonah’s Curse by Rhonda Sermon is about a time traveller’s heartbreaking decision.

Ninjas & Nephilims by Kristin D. Van Risseghem follows a Nephilim as he seeks to protect a little girl whose importance he doesn’t yet fully understand.

Each of these stories were good, though I think I enjoyed Wrath of Witches the most. The characters were interesting, a steamy romance appeared to be brewing, and both sides seemed evenly matched, which I enjoyed.

Jonah’s Curse was interesting, because I’ve read The Midnight Society, and this back story shed some light on one of the characters.

Ninjas & Nephilim felt a little sparse, but I love the premise and the story sets up a fair amount of anticipation for the series.

Prince of Hawks was a beautiful, cultural fantasy experience, and I love the main character, Resh. I’m curious to learn more about him and what he can do, as well as what comes of the proposal at the end.

In all, I really enjoyed this collection. The Six Queens reign supreme! :)

But you can’t get this collection in any store. Sign up for their newsletter to see what the queens are all about. :)

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