Book Review: Feyland by @AntheaSharp

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Feyland Boxset by Anthea Sharp | 5 Star Book Review | www.angeleya.comFeyland by Anthea Sharp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I finally got around to reading the origin of the Feyguard. And as expected, I loved it!


“Fair” Jennet and “Brave” Tamlin get sucked into the faerie world through virtual reality game, Feyland. The Dark Court and the Bright Court are in a fight for survival, and the human world hangs in the balance. Can Jennet and Tam figure out how to stop things before the game gets released worldwide?


Love the characters, the drama, the romance – everything. A fantastic read from beginning to end.

My only complaint is that I was kind of non-plussed by Spark. Which is funny because I read the book titled Spark first, and I loved her. Not sure what the disconnect was there, but I’m glad she ended up on the team, even if she wasn’t all that interesting to begin with. :)

But if you love fantasy, morally ambiguous fairies/fae (more in line with the fae of old), romance bringing people together from opposite “worlds”, and RPGs (Role Playing Games), you’ll probably love Feyland.

**These books were delightfully clean!**

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