Book Review: Spark by @AntheaSharp

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Spark (Feyguard, #1)Spark by Anthea Sharp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Spark’s a renowned sim gamer working for the creators of Feyland, a place that sometimes bleeds into the real Realm of Faerie. She’s also been appointed by the Elder Fey as part of the Feyguard, who protect humans who might accidentally stumble upon this dangerous magical world.

Aran is a hacker who has his sights set on cracking Feyland before anyone else and making enough money to finally get out of hacking for good. But what lies beyond the code is more than he bargained for.


Spark was great! I loved the characters – Spark seemed super cool, and Aran, too. I love that Spark has to work through quests to make it to the Dark Court, and it’s interesting watching it all piece together.

I believe I missed an interim series, though, as the author refers to how the Feyguard was formed, something I haven’t read yet. But this book stands on its own, so you’re not missing anything if you start here.

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