Review: The Vampire Secret by @The_Amarant

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The Vampire Secret (The Amarant Book 1)The Vampire Secret by Tricia Barr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Crimson has fallen in love with a vampire – the author of her favorite vampire books, to be exact, because the books aren’t fiction, as they’re labeled, but fact. And she’s determined to meet him. What happens then, she doesn’t know, but she’ll never forgive herself if she doesn’t.

Nicolae finds out about Crimson as she’s snooping around in his accounts, trying to find him. He finds her first, and the more he finds out, the more he likes.

But there’s something else different about Crimson, something in the eyes, something that will turn the vampire world on edge.


I enjoyed this (which is good because I plan on working with this author in the future :) ).

At times the story smacked of Twilight, and sometimes Crimson feels a little flat and Nicolae a little creepy (yes, we get to see the world through his eyes at times, and I found that a little harder to swallow that a vampire his age would become obsessed with a teenage girl, but such is the story), but in the end it all pans out. I actually found the side characters to be quite interesting, and we never wade so far into Crimson and Nicolae’s world as to lose that.

The pacing was great, and the ending was pretty much perfect. I’m already imagining where book 2 will go.

I do feel there will be those who don’t enjoy this book purely on form – the writing sometimes has somewhat of a new author feel, over-explaining at times – but if you’re not a stickler, I do think you’ll enjoy this story.

**Language: there is some but no f-bombs; Sex: All off-screen, but there is talk of it and allusion to the act and body parts (brief); Violence: some violence and blood, of course, but doesn’t dwell on the gory details; Trigger warning: it’s mentioned that the main character was sexually abused by her father, and there is one scene that seems to be headed toward rape, though no rape actually occurs.

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