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Returning: A Water Novella (Elemental Origins, #0.5)Returning: A Water Novella by A.L. Knorr
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In Returning, Mira is a mermaid, a siren, and it’s time to come home, out of the water, and find a mate. Instinct is her guide, and her and her mother prepared for this eventuality.

But being a mermaid out of water isn’t as easy as she anticipated, especially when her new friend and finding her “One” collide.

Now she’ll need to fine tune her humanity to figure a way out of this mess, and keep her identity a secret, a task harder than she first thought.


This novella mermaid romance is fun dive into the world the author has created. I read this book after reading Born of Water, and it’s neat to see how that character’s mother found her mate. It also features another supernatural character, which I anticipate I’ll learn more about in Born of Fire.

So much fun to be had, you might as well snap this book up and get a taste of A.L. Knorr’s incredible writing.

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**This book is relatively clean, containing some mild swearing and sexually suggestive scenes (Mira’s a mermaid who has no problem being naked, and there’s some lesbian action, though not with the main character).

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