Book Review: the Dragon Lady by @AuthorASAndersn

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The Dragon LadyThe Dragon Lady by Angelique S. Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Wylie has just lost her father and is about to lose her home as well when she happens upon a curious device stowed away in a hidden compartment of her father’s dresser. The device looks much like a clock, except the intricate workings are shaped like a dragon and they open to reveal not a clock face, but something far more curious.

In no time, Wylie is caught up in the battle for good and evil, but righting the balance will cost her dearly.


This is a sweet story of loss and love and friendship and magic. I found Wylie a bit flighty, and the tone a bit stiff (though that’s probably because of the era being emulated, being that’s it’s a Victorian London-based steampunk novel), but overall I enjoyed the journey of discovery and dragons, and dang blammit, it was a fun romp. 😉

This is only my second foray into steampunk (my first being Beyond the Gate: Stories from the World of The Dream Engine), and I found it rather enjoyable.

**An absolutely clean book. Yay!

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