Call Her Forth Cut Scene: Trent meets Jason

Call Her Forth by Angel Leya: ComingSoonMany of you know I’m working on revising my first novel, Call Her Forth. Everything is up for change, including the title if I can find a better one. In the process, I’ve been doing a lot of polishing, and a lot of things have hit the cutting floor. The best cut scenes are getting a refresh and will be posted on the site. (I also have plans for additional scenes, which will only be available to newsletter subscribers!)

Originally created as a flashback, I ended up cutting this scene altogether, though I allude to it in a scene where Lisa (the temptation) is getting to know Trent (the main character) and Jason (the best friend). I love this scene because of its depiction of Jason, who is decidedly goofy, but altogether a good guy. Slightly enhanced from its original, here’s the cut scene from Call Her Forth:

Call Her Forth Cut Scene: Trent meets Jason

The first day at Phil-In-The-Blank, Trent was a basket of excitement and nerves.

A secretary pointed him to his cubicle, but as he got nearer, it was obvious that the one he thought was his was already taken. Several posters of half-naked men were pinned to the walls, abs and pecs ripped, skin tanned and oiled. Trent blushed, backing away from the cubicle when he was pushed forward by a slap on the back.

“What’s up, dude?” The man bounced into the cubicle, shaking bleach blond hair out of his eyes.

Trent paused, his back still tingling. “Heeey, I’m new here. I think I have the wrong cubicle?”

Jason stuck out a hand. “Jason Funk.”

“Trent Mason.”

“Nice. Your cubicle is next door. We’re cube mates! You’ve got the second best seat in the house—” Jason shot his fingers at Trent with a click and a wink. “Next to mine, of course. Sweet posters, right?”

Trent gave a halfhearted smiled. A meathead? “Yeah. They’re very . . . masculine?”

“Heh. You should come with me to the gym sometime. I can double those biceps in one month.”

“Thanks. Well . . . I better get to work.”

“I’ll be training you, too. First lesson is how to survive the black hole known as Phil-in-the-Blank.”

Trent cocked his head, brows creased.

Jason glanced around before folding his arms in front of him. In a voice nearly an octave lower, he began. “Rule number one: Bring some killer music. Rule number two: Line your cubicle with killer posters. Rule number three?” Jason relaxed, pointing his thumb at himself. “Hang out with me whenever you get fed up with this place. I’m like medicine for the soul.”

Trent smirked. Okay. Maybe he’s not so bad.

“You like that? I’ve got boss rules, too. Wait for it.” Jason stretched his neck and cracked his knuckles. Using a finger to push invisible glasses up the bridge of his nose, he scrunched his lips. For looking nothing like the man, Jason did a rather good imitation of Will.

“Nod your head and smile whenever I talk.” Jason said, his voice nasally and exaggerated. “You don’t have to listen, just agree. And whatever you do, do not point out the comb over.”

They both started laughing, but Trent fell silent when Will came up behind Jason.

“Wha—” Jason turned, then stood up straight. “Yo, sir. Just showing him the ropes.”

Will pushed his glasses up his nose, scrunched his lips, and sniffed. “Harrumph. Don’t let it happen again. Trent Mason. Jason Funk. I’m watching you two.” With a quick turn, he left.

After a few moments, the guys began sniggering, and Trent covered his mouth. When he could breathe again, Trent said, “Did you see that? I thought he was gonna blow. With an act like that, you should be in show biz.”

Jason laughed. “Naw, dude. Wouldn’t want to mess up fun by turning it into work. What about you? You seem square enough for a job like this.”

Trent took a seat in his cubicle. “Ha. Thanks, I guess. I’m saving up for an engagement ring.”

Jason rolled his chair into Trent’s cubicle and sat down. “She got the S’s?”


“Smart and sexy?”

“Yeah. I think so.”

“If she was single, I’d have to pounce. Girls with all 3 S’s are rare. Always missing one.”

Trent smiled. “So glad I’m not in that game anymore. Dating is so awkward, and explaining you want to wait until marriage—”


Trent nodded.

“Wow. Total square. I’ll have to round you out a bit.”

“After work?”

Jason laughed. “Sure. After work.”

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