Book Review: Sim 299 by @JohanTwiss

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Sim 299 (I Am Sleepless, #1)Sim 299 (I Am Sleepless)
by Johan Twiss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Aidan is not like the others. He’s got two primes in him, instead of just one, and his only defect is that he never sleeps.

Being a puzzler (able to process information quickly and accurately) and a vibrunt (able to use vibrations to picture the world around him and beyond) may not seem all that helpful, especially when he can’t figure out how to activate his puzzler mode, but he’s made an impression in the Pit simulations, fighting the other coteries. And he’s made it further in the sims than anyone else–he’s at sim 299.

What happens after beating that level, no one knows, though everyone wants to find out.

Review of Sim 299

This was incredibly well done. The characters, world, and danger all felt so real.

It’s a little difficult assembling all the world building info we get in the beginning, as we’re thrust right into the action (as we should be), but it all comes together nicely and the action keeps us churning along to learn more. And if you ever feel at a loss, there’s a glossary of primes at the back, complete with skin color, strengths, and weaknesses.

Seriously loved this book and will be picking up the others in the series. :)

Did you know?

I first encountered Johan Twiss when he approached me about reading The Fourth Law of Kanaloa, a very different, but also excellent story.

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