Book Review: Hitched, The Bachelorette by GK DeRosa

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Hitched: The Bachelorette #1 by G.K. DeRosa | www.angeleya.comHitched: The Bachelorette #1

by G.K. DeRosa
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Genre: New adult, paranormal romance, media tie-in


Kimmie-Jayne just wants to be a star, and when she auditions for the new reality TV show, Hitched, she thinks she may have caught her break. But even though she botches the audition, somehow she’s chosen. Only to find out the show isn’t everything it seems.

Because there’s something off about the bachelors. They’re all… different. And to make matters worse, someone wants Kimmie off the show–permanently.

Turns out having a bunch of supernaturally hot guys around her has some perks.

Oh, my goodness, this series is awesome! I’m eating these books up–too bad they’re not all out yet! Talk about excruciating–just like reality TV. Lol.

So this is basically The Bachelorette with a supernatural twist. I loved finding out what all the guys were, and wish I could’ve learned more about some of the initial guys to get booted from the show. (view spoiler)

Absolutely incredible. This should totally get picked up by CW or SyFy or something. Netflix, anyone? Even a mini-series about this would be incredible.

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**Some mild swearing. Lots of kissing, but Kimmie keeps it clean. 😀

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