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The AuthorTube Writing Process Tag was originally created by The Bookish Penbabe. You can find her original tag video here: https://youtu.be/thNwQivxC7A

1. What genres do you write?
2. What setting gets you the most productive?
3. If you have multiple story ideas, how do you go about picking which one to start on first?
4. Do you outline?
5. Do you start your first draft with pen and paper, typewriter, or computer.
6. What do you do to get through writer’s block?
7. Do you format your project from the beginning or worry about that later?
8. Do you edit as you go or when you’re finished with the first draft?
9. After finishing your drafts/manuscript how long do you give it a break before you start going back over it or do you give it a break at all?
10. Is there something that you prefer to do to get you through writing? (Playing music, tv, having your favorite drink, or food)
11. Do you schedule your writing sessions?
12. Do you have word count or chapter goals for your writing sessions?
13. Are there any quirky things you do to make your projects more fun?
14. Do you work on multiple projects at one time?
15. How often do you research what you’re writing?
16. How do you organize your projects?
17. Do you reward or punish yourself for achieving or missing out on your writing goals?
18. Are there any works similar to your projects that you look for and use – for inspiration and/or comparison?
19. How early do you wait to start looking for and hiring editors?
20. If you’ve finished a first draft or a manuscript. Tell us how you felt afterwards. (Pick your favorite) If you’re not through the first draft yet tell us how you’re feeling about it at the moment.
21. Tag someone! (If you can – I got a big fail there :) )

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