Book Review: Keepers of Magic by @roxannesmolen

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Keepers of Magic: The Adventures of the Power Girls by R.A.P. SmolenKeepers of Magic: The Adventures of the Power Girls #1 by R. A. P. Smolen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought Keepers of Magic was adorable.


Emma and her friends got enveloped by fog, and the next morning they woke up with colored streaks in their hair–and magic. When Emma’s big sister figures out what’s going on, she freaks, because she’s seen this happen before, and lost her twin sister as a result. Emma and her friends will travel to find out what really happened to the missing sister, as well as where the magic came from and why.


I read this book aloud to my toddler son, and he seemed to enjoy the bits of magic. I love that though it’s a short story and intended for younger audiences, it doesn’t skimp on plot. The authors have a way of creating endearing characters in very limited space.

The book takes place mostly on a magical island in the Florida Keys, and it’s covered in cocoa trees, which makes this story doubly delicious. :)

I think this is a great series for young girls who love magic and adventures.

Oh, and there’s a new cover, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s gorgeous!

**This book, intended for younger audiences, was absolutely clean!

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