Book Review: Hunters of the Mortals by @monicaleonelle

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Hunters of the Mortals, Book 2 in the Hallows & Nephilim: Waters Dark and Deep series by Monica LeonelleHunters of the Mortals by Monica Leonelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Pilot’s brush with Kennedy, an alluring and dangerous supernatural, has left him wanting more answers, and more of the incredible way she makes him feel. But can she be trusted?

His sister, Brie, is trying to unravel her mother’s secrets as she becomes familiar with the dangerous and powerful Hallow world. But keeping secrets and a doomed romance are tearing her apart.

The two must find a way past their secrets if they’re to survive the coming war, in which they seem to be destined for the center.


The push. The pull. The secrets. The intrigue. Brie and Pilot are on the cusp of a powerful Hallow and Nephilim war, and they are completely unprepared. The secrets just keep piling on, and it’s fascinating to watch it all unfold.

I really enjoyed Hunters of the Mortals, the second book in the series (all of which are full of extras and Easter eggs if you read the linked version). It’s a fun young adult supernatural series for anyone who loves secrets, romance and angels (more in the vein of a contemporary version of the SyFy series, Dominion than the harp playing kind you might be inclined to think of). :)

**There is some swearing, and some sexual situations that tastefully fade to black.

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