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Banned, Part 1 of Running Toward Illumia by Angel Leya | www.angeleya.comI love that moment when a shiny new story is out for publication. It’s frightening at times, wondering what the world might think.

But this time is different.

This story has gone through the ringer, getting readers to tell me what’s wrong and right with it. Reading up on craft and story structure to make sure this one is the best yet.

And I think I’ve accomplished my goal.

Banned is Part 1 of Running Toward Illumia. The ogres didn’t make it into this section of the book, but no worries, they’ll be in the next one.

Instead, I’ve added a bit of mystery to Astrea’s journey. There’s more going on than she realizes.

You can pick up Banned at any of the major retailers for just 99 cents! (Or sign up for the Legion Newsletter and hit reply to request your own free copy. I’ll be adding it to the sign up rewards soon, but until then, we’ll have to take care of things the old-fashioned way.)

Please share the book with your friends, and when you’re done reading, leave a review at your favorite retailer(s).

I’ll be considering all feedback while I’m revising parts 2 and 3, and your ideas could end up in the story!

Thanks for bearing with me during this journey, and keep an eye out for the rest of Running Toward Illumia!

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