Poem: Emote

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Emote What love deep within me burns; What fires rage and boil and turn? The throes of death cannot me keep, Nor snakes that twist and turn and creep, Nor anything but heaven above, Can keep me from my deep, … Continued

Poem: Again

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Again Screaming want, Burning desire. Put me out, My heart is on fire! Why do so many suitors come When I try to talk to one? Buzzing bees Swoop around a flower, All waiting for a chance. Will I be … Continued

Skye the Mermaid: The Song

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When I wrote the mermaid song at the end of the chapter entitled Exposed, I had the tune in mind. I believe I promised to share when I got the chance. Here’s the video, sung by the very imperfect me. … Continued

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