Call Her Forth: Let’s Get Musical

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Call Her Forth by Angel Leya: Coming SoonCall Her Forth

I thought it might be fun to do a media post for Call Her Forth (name still in revisions). There’s a music video that reminds me of the book, a completely amateur book trailer (I did this years ago, so try not to judge too much. 😀 ), and some homemade music. Enjoy!

Bright by Echosmith

So, some authors like to have a playlist for their books. I’m not there yet, but this song makes me think of Call Her Forth. It’s sweet and romantic, and feels kind of fantasy/magical-ish.

The Original Book Trailer

My creative pursuits and sad attempts at promotion have resulted in some amusing and embarrassing flubs. The original trailer was one such embarrassment. It’s not published on my current YouTube account (that’s a long story that doesn’t really matter), but it’s still up! Excuse me for a moment while I go hide my face. :*)

(P.S. I do plan on creating a new one, which will hopefully be much less embarrassing, but I’ll probably post it anyway because I’m crazy like that)

Slightly less embarassing but still pretty awful is the audio. You can listen to it, both with the vocals (mine, alas – hey, girl’s got a tight budget) and without.

Dreaming of You (Instrumental)

Dreaming of You (With Vocals)

What did you think? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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