Skye's Lure

Lured to the surface by a party ship, Skye breaks all the rules when a human falls overboard and she decides to save him. When the boat comes back, so does she, and her encounters with Vince only serve to deepen her curiosity of land and the human she saved. But Vince is no prince, and when his motives for seeking her out come into question, Skye finds herself fighting to save all merkind from exposure and their extinction, as foretold by the Sea King who created them.

About Angel Leya

A long-time lover of all things mer, Leya was caught up in the Mermaid: The Body Found mockumentary hype. When she learned the truth - that they hadn't actually found any mermaid remains - she decided to write a story about their history, which led to her latest story, Skye's Lure. It just didn't seem right to leave the world mermaidless. In her spare time, Leya revels in swimming and diving (even though she's not nearly as graceful as she'd like to believe she is) and replicating Ariel's voice. She hopes you'll enjoy reading her fiction as much as she enjoys writing it!

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