Marked, Part 4 of Running Toward Illumia Available for Pre-Order!

Astrea is closer than ever to her destination of Illumia, but she's never felt further from what she wants. Can she make it out of the Mist in time, and what's waiting for on the other side of the dragon range? Or underneath, for that matter... Reserve your copy today - just $0.99! **Go to to choose your preferred retailer**

About Angel Leya

Angel Leya focuses on creating clean young adult fiction with a touch of magic and romance. It also happens to be what she enjoys reading, and she blogs regularly about her latest reads. With a tendency towards writing different shades of fantasy and light sci-fi, her stories are intended to transport readers into worlds of possibility and wonder. Her latest story, Marked, the 4th and final part of Running Toward Illumia is available for pre-order now! When not writing, you can find her daydreaming about her stories and searching for her own adventures. Feel free to drop her a line any time. She hopes you enjoy her fiction as much as she enjoys writing it!

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