Banned, Part 1 of Running Toward Illumia, Expanded!

The original short story appeared in the young adult anthology, That Moment When... is now expanded. Part 1 of Running Toward Illumia is about 16-year-old Astrea, a hunter who wants nothing more than to prove her worth in her redheaded tribe of Rudan. When a unicorn shows up in the woods, she thinks it might be their salvation from the famine, but eating a unicorn brings a curse. She must figure out how to protect her tribe before she dooms them all.

About Angel Leya

Angel Leya focuses on creating clean young adult fiction with a touch of magic and romance. It also happens to be what she enjoys reading, and she blogs regularly about her latest reads. With a tendency towards writing different shades of fantasy and light sci-fi, her stories are intended to transport readers into worlds of possibility and wonder. Her latest story, Banned, Part 1 of Running Toward Illumia is out now! When not writing, you can find her daydreaming about her stories and searching for her own adventures. Feel free to drop her a line any time. She hopes you enjoy her fiction as much as she enjoys writing it!

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