The Grinch meets a Hallmark Christmas

**FREE in Kindle Unlimited** This Year, Kenzie's going to make Christmas great again. ;) ...If she doesn't destroy it, first. This story is a part of the Shifter Academy world, and occurs about one year following the USA Today bestselling Siren Prophecy series, but can be read as a stand-alone novel. Perfect for fans of heartwarming Christmas shenanigans, like The Grinch, and sweet holiday romantic comedies. Click the links below to learn more!

About Angel Leya

USA Today bestselling author, Angel Leya, focuses on creating clean young adult fiction with a *kiss* of magic. πŸ˜‰ It also happens to be what she enjoys reading, and she regularly blogs her latest reviews. When not writing, you can find Leya daydreaming about her stories, searching for her own adventures, and enjoying some light gaming. She’s part of the incredible Shifter Academy world (which helped make her a bestseller). Diverse shifters, power-hungry vampires, and hunters looking to eradicate them all vie for power in the streets of Chicago and beyond. You can learn more about Shifter Academy here: Feel free to drop Angel Leya a line any time, and join her Legion newsletter to earn your halo and wings and stay up-to-date on everything Leya is doing:

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