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Hello there! I’m Angel Leya. I love creativity of all kinds, but I particularly love working with blank canvases, whether I’m writing or drawing, and capturing beautiful and unique images through photography. I also love being a wife and mother, from which I derive much of my inspiration. Join me as I travel this road called “life” and make some imaginative pit stops along the way.

Angel Leya welcomes you to her blog, where you can connect and learn more about what she does.

What’s Up?

Well, my little lady has finally arrived, and she’s growing up so fast! I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things soon. Right now I’m focused on the mermaid story, but you’ll hear more about that a little further along. Keep an eye on the new progress bars to see where my top priority projects are.

The Mermaid Story

It’s done! You can go to Amazon to purchase a copy of Skye’s Lure for just 99 cents!

You can also read the The Legend of the Mermaid – NEW! post – it’s been revised from the original and is the first chapter of the book. I’ve also sung the mermaid song for your entertainment and the book trailer is up.

The Blog

Poetry posts are nearly done. I’m going to be doing some excerpts, deleted scenes, and more creative writing pieces, but who knows where the wind will take me.


I’ve compiled all of the blog poetry posts into a beautiful book accompanied by stunning photography and several brand new poems. It’s currently only available in print on Amazon, but I plan on making an electronic version and an audio version! I’m so excited to share Poetry in Composition: A Coffee Table Book of Poetry and Photos with everyone.

Arctic Discovery

So, my queries have come up fruitless, and I think I know why. I’ll be revisiting and revising the story once I’ve finished revising Call Her Forth. I came up with some ideas to add consistency and up the stakes, as well as strengthening the sci-fi-ness of the story. Usham will join the story much earlier (yay!).

I also plan on publishing a small ebook in connection with the main story. Arctic Discovery centers around the modern day discovery of the Tower of Babel buried beneath the ice of Antarctica. One of the residents of the tower was buried with it, and they receive a second chance at life when they are revived in modern day society.

This leads to all sorts of problems in the current story, but I felt like Usham deserved a little backstory of his own. I created a language for him, and a whole society, which I want to showcase in the ebook. I hope to be posting entries from his journal (also discovered in the tower) along with a journal from one of his colleagues on the site, but like the mermaid story, these posts will have a limited shelf life.

Call Her Forth

I’m so excited to revise this story, as it was so green (being my first ever novel). It’s coming together nicely, and I hope to have the revised edition published within the next few months (fingers crossed!). If you want to know when it comes out, sign up for my newsletter.

What’s Next?

The ideas just won’t stop! I have several stories that I want to get out there. Let me tell you a little about them.

5 Degrees of Separation (ebooks)

Follow the lives of five individuals who all impact the life of the one young man – a young man who is about to become the leader of the guys who introduce magic to our modern society. (In the works)

Running Toward Illumia (ebook)

Astrea’s blond hair and alabaster skin have always caused her to wonder why she was different. Born to a world of mist in a tribe of redheads plastered with freckles, her mother took special care to make sure her identity remained hidden. The tribe’s strict rules and the extra burden of supporting a blond in the world of mist made exposure dangerous.

When a famine hits the land, however, her mother must send her away to find the light side of the world: Illumia. The perfect chance comes when a unicorn – virtually unheard of in the mist – is caught by the tribe. The two team up, and are later joined by a lost and spunky elf named Gander.

Along the way, Astrea will face many difficulties as she struggles to find out the truth of her heritage and who she is. Can she find her way to Illumia in time, or will her body and mind buckle under the stressors her mother has protected her from for so long?

The Wizard’s Maze (Possible Trilogy and follow up to 5 Degrees of Separation)

Trill’s father is dying, and the only way to cure him is to take him to the wizards – the powerful but tight-knit ruling class. Without the means to pay for his healing, there is one last chance to save her father’s life: The Wizard’s Maze. The maze, created by Hubris, the newest wizard on the panel, is rife with peril and magical traps. All entrant’s journeys are broadcast for entertainment purposes. Not many have dared to enter, and none have made it out, either dying, or becoming forever trapped within the maze. Trill is desperate enough to try.

Along the way she meets one of the trapped, who helps her, though he’s getting his orders from Hubris. Can Trill make it out of the maze? Will she be able to save her father?

Her actions thrust her into a position of controversy that she never saw coming, as she learns some long-kept secrets. The harsh rule of the wizards has caused deep tension throughout the land, and Trill’s discovery might just be the spark that ignites a revolution. Could Trill provide a way for the humans to fight back and help restore balance, or will her involvement bring the wrath of the wizards on all but the chosen of humanity?

*** FYI – all names are subject to change as the story develops.

There is so much to do, but that’s what makes life exciting, right? So take a deep breath, sign up for the newsletter, and feel free to leave feedback on anything.

In Creativity,

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