Book Review: Fall Into Fantasy 2017, Editor @AndrewMFerrell

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Fall Into Fantasy: 2017 Edition by Andrew M. Ferrell My rating: 4 of 5 stars Fall Into Fantasy is a fun collection of short fantasy stories with a wide variety of subgenres for everyone to find something to like. Here … Continued

Featured Book: Calliope Jones and The Forests of Mist by @hayliemachadohanson

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Check out this new book by fellow author Haylie Machado Hanson! We’re both authors of young adult fiction, and we share one other similarity – we both recently gave birth to children, and it delayed the launch of our books. … Continued

Book Review: The Vengeance of Snails by @ChrysCymri

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The Vengeance of Snails by Chrys Cymri My rating: 5 of 5 stars Description In The Vengeance of Snails, Penny is at it again, navigating the inspiring, frustrating, and incredible world of Lloegyr. Her recent dismissal from a Lloegyr church and her brother’s near-death … Continued