Video: Unboxing Running Toward Illumia

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In this video, I’m unboxing my first print run of Running Toward Illumia! I’ll show you the cover, front to back, and the interior. Sooo pretty!

Print copies are available through most major online retailers, or you can contact me to purchase a signed copy ($15 for local sales (you pick up), $17 for the book and shipping within the US – will consider shipping outside the US on an individual basis).

Running Toward Illumia is a story of a young woman who wants to feel like she belongs to her tribe of Banned, but finds out she’s at more of a disadvantage than she thought.

The story begins with her hunting a unicorn–her only hope of finding meat in the midst of the famine that’s ruining them. But as much as she wants to fit in, she can’t shake the feeling that killing a unicorn could be disastrous.

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