Book Review: The World Awakening by @DanKoboldt

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The World AwakeningThe World Awakening by Dan Koboldt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quinn is at it again in The World Awakening, the 3rd and final book of the Gateways to Alissia series.


Alissia has never been in more danger from the gateway linking their world with Earth’s, and it’s time to start choosing a side.

Logan is still following orders, Quinn’s gone native, and it’s all coming down to a fight to see which world will prevail.


This book struck all the right chords for me. I found myself torn between Logan and Quinn’s goals, enjoying getting to know Richard Holt a little better, and delighting to see the magic play a bigger part in the whole story.

Plus, we meet the Tukalu warriors.

My only complaint (view spoiler)

The war takes a toll on the characters, and it would have been nice to better understand where the gateway came from and why. But everything ties up fairly neatly, and I finished the story with a sense of satisfaction and plenty of warm fuzzies.

The World Awakening (and the whole series, really) is an entertaining, thrilling, and humorous fantasy for anyone who loves tech as much as they love magic.

**This book had mild swearing, but was otherwise clean!

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The World Awakening releases today!

Congrats to Dan Koboldt on a series well done, and here’s to many more books. *Cheers*

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