Book Review: Strange Magic with a story by @carrieinpa

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Strange MagicStrange Magic, an Anthology Edited by Catherine Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Strange Magic‘s eclectic collection of stories was certainly an entertaining read. Some stories I enjoyed more than others, as with any anthology, but overall they each contained a certain level of magic to them, as the title suggests. The collection spans a variety of genres, including fantasy, horror, and magical realism. My favorites were:

  • Paint by Numbers by Maria V. Snyder: A girl with synesthesia learns where her gifts for math and color come from.
  • On of Full Moon Night by Rachel Sink: A woman wanting to escape a terrible home life finds the swamp waiting to fulfill her wish.
  • The Light of Night by Mark Boerma: Two drunks experience something strange in the desert on their way home from a Halloween party.
  • Scent and Scentability by Angela Binner: Half a bottle of perfume may have the ability to give one woman her heart’s desire.
  • Little Whirlpools by Carrie Jacobs: I’ll use the author’s words for this – Don’t go near the water! :)
  • Angel in the Mist by Laurie J. Edwards: A young Irish woman bound for the new world will do nearly anything to save the family she has to leave behind.
  • Aphrodite by J.A. Thomas: A magical boat makes one couple’s day.

Strange Magic is definitely worth a read.

Thanks to author Carrie Jacobs, from whom I won the book!

**This book is clean, from what I recall. There is some violence which borders on gore, but nothing overly sexual and few, if any, swearing.

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