Book Review: Soul Catchers by @CarriePulkinen

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Soul CatchersSoul Catchers by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Wren has spent her whole life hiding her magical abilities from those who would turn her in to the government for execution. But when her mom is attacked by a shifter wolf, she uses her power and shoots the creature.

Problem is, those who kill the wolf become the wolf.

Liam is dead as far as anyone knows, but up on the mountain he does his best to use his powers to help those in his community — especially the wolf. But the night he tries to talk to the wolf is a blood moon, and the power flowing through the wolf is too much to contain. The next day there’s a new wolf to work with, and Liam finds himself drawn by much more than animal magnetism to the girl carrying the wolf’s spirit.

Wren’s mother’s dying words send her and Liam on a hunt for a cure, but the way is dangerous, and the destination could get them killed.


A smooth and engrossing read, with intriguing characters and an incredible premise. The author mixes fantasy and science, dystopian and magical realism, and ties it together with a plot that hints at a Little Red Riding Hood inspiration. But it takes the story deeper, touching on spirits and souls, greed and power.

My only complaint is that the dangers became a little repetitive towards the end, but otherwise a solid book.

I hope the author has more in store for this fascinating world she’s created.

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