Book Review: Raven’s Flight by @ChrysCymri

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Raven's Flight: A Dragon RomanceRaven’s Flight: A Dragon Romance by Chrys Cymri
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Loved Raven’s Flight!

Honestly, the whole Penny White series is fantastic (The Temptation of Dragons, The Cult of Unicorns, The Marriage of Gryphons, The┬áVengeance of Snails, The Vexation of Vampires, and companion short story, Clyde’s Grand Day Out, which is only available though the author’s newsletter).


In this prequel novella, Raven has had a rough time, from the womb and beyond. This is his origin story, one of growth, fear, love, and loss, which aptly defines the dark and handsome dragon we fall in love with in the Penny White series.


A great way to get hooked, or to indulge a little more in the fantastic world of Lloegyr, which lives just beyond ours, filled with all the creatures of fantasy you’ve ever dreamed of (though they’re oh, so much more complicated than you could imagine).

**This series is so clean a group of nuns are reading it!

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