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Malevolent (The Puzzle Box Trilogy Book 1)Malevolent by K.M. Carroll
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


What looks like a vampire, moves like a vampire, but isn’t a vampire? Libby’s new friend, Mal, of course.

Turns out he’s the brother of her no-good boyfriend, and he’s got magic honey and singing bees that can cure her long bout with Valley Fever. But when Libby breaks up with said no-good boyfriend, it starts a feud between the brothers that pulls her into a world filled with dreadful magic.


I loved this story, I loved Libby, and I loved Mal. The action and romance felt about right, and I admired Libby’s strength and spirit (even when she does botch it). The author hooks us from line one (“I met Mal the day he tried to kill my boyfriend.”), and doesn’t let go.

I have to admit, while the Christian aspect didn’t play a large role, it did feel a bit strange to see it alongside a story of magic and the undead.

My two favorite lines we’re from Libby (“Ro-BERT!” and “Oops.”) – though small things, they spoke to her indomitable spirit and unique character.

An excellent story for young adult readers, and may particularly appeal to fans of the Penny White series (see The Temptation of Dragons for first in the series) because of the Christian undertones.

**Another delightfully clean story!

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