Book Review: Give Up the Ghost by @megancrewe

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Give Up the GhostGive Up the Ghost by Megan Crewe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found Give Up the Ghost to be surprising.


Cass has pretty much given up on the living, preferring to spend her days getting all the latest gossip from her circle of ghosts rather than trying to make friends in high school. Not that the living would give her much of a chance if she tried.

So, when one member of the popular clique, Tim — student council VP and all around fangirl favorite — decides he needs her help, she’s skeptical. But the possibility of digging up enough dirt for the ultimate revenge pulls her in.

Except he’s not quite who she thought he was, and she has to decide if she should keep helping the living or bury herself deeper in her ghosts.


I kind of expected more of a love connection, but it’s actually not that much of a romance, which is kind of perfect, given all the ghosts in the story (figuratively speaking). This story really pulled me in, and despite the initial questioning about the ending, I found myself satisfied, hopeful, and happy.

It’s a little Pride & Prejudice, but not in formula. The high school setting is a great backdrop for the drama, and the sometimes questionable goals of the protagonist, but the story is relevant no matter your age.

After reading (and loving) both Give Up the Ghost and A Mortal Song (see my review here), author Megan Crewe is quickly becoming a favorite.

**This book is absolutely clean!

P.S. I believe the author has changed the cover, probably to avoid the idea that this is a romance. :) So if you click the link and see something different, that’s why.

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