Book Review: The First Adventure by @AntheaSharp

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Book Review: The First Adventure (Feyland #0.5) by Anthea Sharp | #fantasy #yalit #gamerlit #4starsThe First Adventure byAnthea Sharp
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a fun little romp into the Feyland world.


Jennet’s father is working on new gaming tech bringing the gamer into a virtual world of fantasy. Jennet has only helped him beta the main functions, but one day she spies a game and she just has to know more.

After being redirected by her father, she sneaks back in to explore the world of Feyland, only to find the consequences of losing are far more real than she imagined.


Short and entertaining, I loved this fantasy foray into gamer lit. The descriptions when entering Feyland are so rich, you can almost feel the draw of the game. The author raises more questions than answers, whetting the appetite for more adventures and answers.

Definitely worth a read.

**This book is clean!

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