Book Review: The Edinburgh Seer by @alishaKlapheke

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The Edinburgh Seer (Edinburgh Seer Book One)The Edinburgh Seer by Alisha Klapheke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Aini’s got a secret that she’s never told her candy-making father: she’s a seer.

As a sixth-senser, her kind are feared and hunted by the king’s men, the Campbells.

But when her father is kidnapped by the Campbells, she risks exposure to find and bring him back.

With the handsome and mysterious Thane, mildly inappropriate green-haired Myles, and local historian Neve (all part of her candymaking team), Aini will follow the clues.

But Aini isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets.


I love the fantasy candy-making angle (only ever saw that one other time – see The Confectioner’s Guild from the free young adult anthology That Moment When), and it totally rocked. Vision-enhancing taffy? Vision-enducing gum? Yes, please!

I also love the alternate present angle and Scottish setting. There were so many beautiful details in this (like how colonial-raised Aini uses “flashlight” and full Scottish Thane says “torch”), and it was really well done.

Where it fell short for me (if you can call it that) was in the pacing. I love when I get to about the 50%-75% area and find myself so frenzied that I can hardly bear to put a book down (though being a mom means I HAVE to put the book down), but I didn’t get that sense with this book.

Still beautifully written and an incredible premise, so well worth a read.

**This book is clean!

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