Book Review: Dragon’s Trail by @jmalikauthor

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Dragon's TrailDragon’s Trail by Joseph Malik
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dragon’s Trail is a thoroughly entertaining read! I don’t usually post my reviews immediately, but this one releases today, so you can get right to it!


Once a near celebrity between his skills in fencing competitions and the starlet he was dating, Jarrod’s involvement in a duel left another man dead and his life in ruins. So when a sorcerer from another world drags Jarrod home with him and offers him and his friend jobs in their war, it’s a bit of a dream come true.

This other world is beautiful, with it’s different moons, mythical creatures, and medieval type society (with remarkably better hygiene), and it seems Jarrod was made for it. His mastery of the sword and some accompanying martial arts quickly earns him respect in a world where fighting skills trump nearly everyone.

But he’s not up against them.

The true opponent is a sorcerer in the opposing kingdom, whose life on earth gives him much the same advantages that Jarrod has. This is the first rumblings of war, and as such Jarrod may just lose his life in his attempt to redeem it.


This book was incredible. The detailing (from the equipment used to the action in the fight scenes) made the world and characters feel so real and complete, that you don’t question anything for a moment.

The action is a slow build at first, and I found myself a little lost among the names of the other world’s kingdoms and equipment descriptions, but it’s not so lengthy as to slow the pace and there’s a map at the front of the book if you need help following along.

The fight scenes are epic, and I felt myself getting sucked in every time, like a fan rooting for a sports team (it would make a great movie!). It was just like “Yaaaasssss! Get him!” And half of that was sparring, but the way Jarrod analyzed the opponent, identifying weaknesses and playing into them, you couldn’t help but speed through the scenes with rapt attention. At one point he fights his way out of a situation (that scene REALLY sticks in your mind), but he’s not invincible, either.

This is an adult book with a lot of heart, a little humor, epic action, and plenty of swords & sorcery. A fantastic first book, which hits all the right notes.

I received a free ARC of Dragon’s Trail, but my opinion is honest and unbiased, especially since this is not my usual read. :)

**There are definitely some adult situations and humor, but the sex fades to black and is more implied than described (i.e. the bad guy is known to have naked girls around, doing things, though it’s never explicitly said what they do). There is also some swearing, but it’s not excessive.

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