Book Review: The Demon’s Angel by Maya Shah

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The Demon's AngelThe Demon’s Angel by Maya Shah
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Neha doesn’t know she’s an angel. And she doesn’t find out until she’s ripped away from her guardian, Lucas, who reveals himself to be a demon.

Though the angels take her to heaven, it’s far from comforting. Her only friend is the guy/angel who helped bring her here — her black wings and the fact she was raised by a demon seem to mark her with a stigma not easy to overcome.

Neha is torn between finding a place with her own kind or trusting in the love and care Lucas provided her.

Either way might just tear her apart.


I loved the idea of this book, and found the story interesting enough. I liked the characters, and the reading was smooth and easy.

Here’s my problem, though: the story fell short of its potential. The writing was incredibly sparse, with more telling than showing, which made it difficult to really immerse myself. Because of the telling, the story clipped by and felt empty. The first part, particularly, seemed like a bit of a black hole filled with people. The wings seemed to disappear at times, even though they needed a jelly to retract them, and Neha sheds her former life with hardly a glance back.

The ending held no revelations, despite the flurry of secrets from all sides. When I put the book down, I was a little disappointed. I wanted more, and the book just didn’t quite come through for me.

It wasn’t a horrible book, and I didn’t consider it a waste of time, but I’d hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for any sort of depth. Light, easy read? Sure. Pick it up. Have fun. I love angels, and as angel stories go, this is certainly an interesting take.

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