Book Review: Deluge by Melle Amade, Shifter Chronicles #4

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Book Review: Deluge by Melle Amade, book 4 in the Shifter Chronicles | www.angeleya.comDeluge by Melle Amade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Shae has finally freed herself and her friend, Roman, but setting the Hunters on the tails of the Berzerken has created new problems. One Hunter in particular seems to have taken too keen an interest, and her dad is still in the hands of El Oso. With her new power and the return of El Oso, Shae is desperate to put everything right, once and for all.


Deluge brings us the final battle.

A little time in New Orleans lends an extra facet of the magic this author has created, and an intriguing new shifter species. And then it’s down to business.

I found it a little sparse and somewhat lacking in tension in parts (may just be me). I also found the amount of typos to be a little above my tolerance level (though again, I think I got this one on preorder, so I may have received an unfinished copy in error – Amazon sometimes does that).

And the ending, while good, jusy didn’t pack that punch I was hoping to get.

Still, you gotta love the twists and turns and the shifter world Shae is fighting so hard for. A decent ending to an intriguing series, and one that leaves room for what I assume is an offshoot series – the Quest for Shifter Magic.

**This book had some language, no sex.

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