Review: The Alien’s Daughter by @JCMorrows

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The Alien's Daughter (Tales of a Teenage Alien Human Hybrid #1)The Alien’s Daughter by J.C. Morrows
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


When Zoe learns she’s going on vacation with her dad, she’s not sure who she’ll get – nice dad, or the dad who seems to hate that she even exists. Besides, things are happening. Weird things. Like, as-if-blue-hair-wasn’t-weird-enough, doors-are-opening-by-themselves weird.

Then again, dad’s taking her to Hawaii. Maybe this time won’t be so bad…


This is a wonderful short story, full of heart. It doesn’t answer nearly as many questions as it raises, and it kind of leaves you hanging at the end. But overall, it’s an intriguing start, and I hope Zoe takes us along for the ride as she discovers what she’s capable of and more about the father she’s never truly understood.

**This book is absolutely clean!

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