Reveiw: Accidental Witch by @LydiaSherrer

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Accidental Witch (Dark Roads Trilogy 1)Accidental Witch by Lydia Sherrer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Sebastian’s always envied his magical family’s wizarding abilities, even if they’re determined not to use them. But when his parents are killed in an accident–an accident he feels he caused–it sends him into a black hole of depression he’s not sure he’ll ever come out of.

So it’s only a mild annoyance when a great grandfather (spouting something about regrets and restitution) appears in ghost form to be his companion. And it’s of great interest when a certain goth girl kicks (in the nuts) the jock/bully who’s decided to give Sebastian a beating.

But goth girl comes offering something more than tenuous friendship, when she invites him into the world of magic – a backdoor of sorts, achieved through witchcraft – and promises the return of his deceased parents.

It goes against everything he’s ever been taught, but when the people you love die, you do anything to get them back.


This was definitely a dark story and (view spoiler). I was intrigued, disgusted, hopeful and filled with dread through the entire book. I’ll admit, I mostly picked this up because I fell in love with the cover, but the story was good too.

It kind of reminded me of The Undelightened by Bentz Deyo. Dark, creepy, sad, a little gross at times (aka, not my usual read), but overall good.

**This was a dark story, with dark themes and language. I think the f-bomb may have been used once or twice. Witches utilize the powers of demons. Some gore, nothing too explicit in the sex arena. There is mention of possible abuse.

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