Poem: The Runaway Princess

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A woman's destiny is to be a princess, but you don't have to choose that path. Here's a poem about Angel Leya's perspective on being a princess.
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The Runaway Princess

A single tear rolls down—
It falls into a puddle where I’ve shed a thousand more.
This pool of sorrow fills my room.
I hate it.
I know there’s much more for me than this tear-stained room.
But I can’t seem to find the way out.
Where’s the door?
Pictures all around me; portraits of my misery.
I want to take them down, but they’re glued to the wall.
Insanity! Insanity!
There must be something more for me!
There’s no way out, for I am badly clothed.
These rags seem to fit me perfectly.
But I’m not supposed to wear them;
So hard to get out of.
Where’s my royal gown?
It’s stained and in the closet—
Even more of a shame than my rags.
Why did I even receive it?
I’ve ruined it—a sad reminder of what I should be.
But I can’t get out of this room.
There’s no door or window to crawl out of.
But wait, dust is falling from the ceiling;
Someone is cutting a hole!
But I’m not presentable . . .
Light pours through the hole.
An arm is extended.
It’s my Prince; He’s found me!
I forget my shame and grab hold of Him.
He pulls me out of the hole.
I’m dressed in my royal robes again.
“Hold me tight, my Prince!
Don’t let me fall again.”
“I won’t,” He says as He sweeps me away to His kingdom
To live happily ever after . . . If I so choose!

As a little girl, I always wanted to be a princess. As a Christian woman, it is my destiny to be a princess – a daughter of the king. Every girl can be a princess, but we also have the choice to reject our destiny and choose our own path.

What path have you chosen? Are you living your destiny as a prince or princess? Let’s start a discussion in the comment section below.

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