Poem: Peace

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This poem is about the peace and safety that comes with knowing you are in the hands of a savior.
photo courtesy of Piotr Menducki


Christ’s peace come fill me now,
As it has many times before.
I sit and marvel at how
Such as I You could adore.

Your love has filled me with such joy
That seeps into my very soul.
I’ll not treat You as a toy,
Or use You like a bowl.

For Your love comes at a price,
But still it is a gift that’s free.
You require my whole life
That I may keep what You’ve given me.

But I know Your yoke is light
Compared to the world’s great guilt.
For a desire to do what’s right
Is a desire with which I’ve been built.

I thought I would post a happy poem for the holidays. This was also written at a time of peace and joy – which seemed few and far between during my teenage years. I was reveling in the goodness of God and his plan for salvation.

What gives you joy? What gifts have you received that you didn’t feel you deserved? Let’s spread the holiday cheer in the comments below!

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