Poem: God Says…

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This poem was written from the perspective of God as he calls to each and every person to accept his gift of salvation. Angel Leya is a Christian.
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God Says . . .

Will I ever get you?
First I wait patiently, holding out My hands.
Look into my eyes and you’ll see Me pleading.
Then, I gather My gifts for you.
All you have to do is come and get them,
But you don’t.
I come closer to you, but you don’t care.
You just sit there and stare.
I call your name, and sing sweetly to you,
Loving you with all I Am.
You plug your ears.
Will I ever get you?
What will make you listen?
The world has distorted your vision.
You think I don’t know and can’t love you,
but I do!
I love you. Will you love Me?
Why won’t you even listen to Me?
Are you deaf? Your ears closed?
All I can do is cry and wait,
Until you wither away.
Then you’ll turn to Me,
faced with your destruction,
And it will be My turn to be deaf.
If only you had listened.

Sometimes I like to put myself in the shoes of another. In this instance, I put myself in the shoes of Jesus. Not that I know him fully, but this is what I imagined him saying and feeling. As Americans, we have the opportunity to know the truth about Christ and his love, but many choose to ignore it. What you choose to believe is your prerogative, but just know that Jesus loves and wants you to join him in heaven. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

What do you choose to believe? Do you have a hope of heaven? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. (Please be courteous of others’ beliefs and comments. We all have the right to believe as we choose, and we have the right to disagree, but we should never attack someone for their faith.)

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