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Book Blitz: For the Ages by Safari Spell | Tour organized by YA Bound | www.angeleya.com

For the Ages
(Long Live Dead Reckless #2)
by Safari Spell

Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Release date: March 14th 2017


For the Ages by Safari Spell | Tour organized by YA Bound | www.angeleya.comIn the much-anticipated sequel to LONG LIVE DEAD RECKLESS, Talor discovers just how far she can fall… in love.


Talor Gardin made her choice, and it turned her entire world upside down. Trapped in the mysterious realm of the Grigori known only as the Valley, Talor is surrounded by brutality, luxury, and power unlike anything she’s ever seen. Torn away from everyone she loves, she can only cling to the hope that Sage will survive long enough to find her before Rami’s plan sets into motion. But biding her time won’t be easy in an exotic land where hellish beasts prowl the borders, eyes watch her every move, and no one is exactly who or what they seem – not even Rami.

Unsure who she can trust or if she’ll ever escape, her memory grows foggier with each sunset. Once so sure of right and wrong, the longer she spends in the Valley among those who should be her enemies, the more she questions whether Sage told her the truth about anything at all.

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Long Live Dead Reckless by Safari Spell | Tour organized by YA Bound | www.angeleya.com

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Quote 1: For the Ages by Safari Spell | Tour organized by YA Bound | www.angeleya.com

Excerpt from For the Ages:

“Open,” I ordered.

The vines immediately began to constrict and twist across the luminescent bars. Then they started cracking and breaking, whipping out wildly as they did. The gate creaked open only about a foot, but it would have to do. I couldn’t see anything outside of the gates, which was strange. Undeterred, I started to reach my hand through when a shrill howl broke out. I looked out through the darkness past the bars and saw creatures charging. They were things I’d never seen before, not even in my nightmares. And they were coming for me full speed.

They were the size of a car, snarling and growling and menacing in every conceivable way. Even worse, there were several of them. Yelping in fear, I ripped my hand back just as the glowing gate flew wide open. The force of it catapulted me into the air fifteen feet back. The creatures couldn’t come through the gates, but they screeched and lurched forward as they pawed at the dirt.

The wind had been knocked out of me, so I couldn’t call for help. I lay on the ground trying to curl up and away from the sounds and catch my breath. The beasts revolted against whatever chains were holding them. I was afraid those chains would break any moment. They bellowed as dust saturated the air in their mad frenzy and coated me on the ground.

Right then, Levi appeared between us. In a firm voice, he called out a command. Whatever it was, they didn’t like it. They cried out in pain as thundering steps retreated. Once they were gone, he slid his sword back in its sheath and turned towards me, offering his hand. I tried to get to my feet, but I was shaking so hard I literally couldn’t stand, so he bent swiftly and scooped me up. After a jerking motion and whooshing sound, we were back to the castle. I was still coughing as he placed me on the bed and Servant and the maids scurried all over.

“What…was,” I asked, coughing as I looked at Levi for answers. Hopefully he understood what I was trying to ask.

He turned his gaze towards the window in such a way that I thought he was going to ignore me.

“They are called bison-bloods.”

Servant gasped.

“Oh princess, those hellish beasts prowling the borders? Why would you ever seek them out?”

Levi and I caught eyes as I clutched my abdomen. After one last good round of coughs, I stood and took a step towards Levi.

“Why does something like that guard the gate?”

Without a word, Levi pushed us out of the pack of servants. He had a business way about him then, so I just followed without complaint. Downstairs, there were still several Henches drinking together and playing pool. They watched us as we went to a large library where a fire was lit in front of a giant reclining couch. Around the fireplace was a massive, intricate carving of what looked like Creation. There were parts of the carvings I wasn’t familiar with, but the Great Flood was at the bottom. There was also an inscription throughout in a language I’d never seen before. I assumed it was Yahweh-Elata they spoke to one another.

The alien words haunted the mantle in flickering shadows cast off from the crackling fire, which was the only sound in the room. It occurred to me to apologize for causing Levi so much trouble, but I didn’t. I was still shaken, but I wasn’t going to apologize for trying to get away. I wasn’t sorry for that.

Levi slouched nearby, his hands hooked above him in the bookshelves. He ignored me and watched the fireplace with intensity, never looking away. I wriggled my hands as I paced behind the couch. It wasn’t long before a turning noise came from the fireplace. It sounded like an old lock being undone from a massive vault below. The carving began to move in slow motion in front of me, and the words that had been half hidden were now glowing as though the very fires of hell burned just beneath. Night had fallen, so he could no longer be bound.


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About the Author

Safari Spell, author | www.angeleya.comSafari Spell is a native of Albany, Georgia. She has a BA in Journalism from Valdosta State University. She currently lives in North Georgia with her husband, hilarious daughter, and a backyard jungle harboring all the dinosaurs everyone thinks are extinct. Her dreams include chasing autumn around the globe, owning a wallaby, and riding a camel for at least nine seconds


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Quote 5: For the Ages by Safari Spell | Tour organized by YA Bound | www.angeleya.com


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