Shifted, the Siren Prophecy #1, Shifter Academy | www.theShifterAcademy.comShifted (Siren Prophecy #1)

Shifter Academy

by Tricia Barr, Jesse Booth, Joanna Reeder, Angel Leya, and Alessandra Jay

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance (Clean)


Fans of Harry Potter and Vampire Academy, get ready for a world unlike any other! Discover a secret school for shape shifters, a monarchy of vampires determined to exterminate them and take over the world, and a coalition of human hunters dedicated to protecting the world from both.

Rule #1: Never go out after dark.
Rule #2: Never go into large bodies of water.
Rule #3: Stay off of social media.

Myreen always knew her mom held some deep dark secret; the rules, the moving, the years of unanswered questions. But she didn’t think breaking one rule, just once, would lead to the death of her mother. And she never expected to find out that she was a mermaid shifter, or that her mother was killed by vampires.

Whisked away in the middle of the night for her own safety, Myreen finds herself in a secret school for shifters. But starting over in a new school in the middle of the year–even if it is for the millionth time–is never easy. With rumors swirling, mean girls circling, and two incredibly attractive guys tugging her in separate directions, Myreen just wants to get through the school year without having a meltdown in front of everyone.

She’s learning so much, but for every question answered, a new one bubbles up. Myreen will need to untangle the web of secrets surrounding her if she ever wants to find out why her mother was murdered. As she dives deeper into the mystery, she discovers a truth about herself that no one saw coming, and it will change the fate of the shifter world forever.

Shifted is a USA Today bestseller.

The Shifter Academy authors are a coalition of 5 award-winning and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance and supernatural suspense authors, working together to bring you an incredible shared shifter world. A new book will be published every six weeks, so there will be no end to the fun and excitement!

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For fifty years, The Island has been a haven for shifters wanting to learn to better control their abilities, safe from the threat of hunters and vampires.

But Oberon Rex, one of the last gryphon shifters, worries it’s not safe enough. Despite his wife’s misgivings, he spends his evenings hunting down vampires in the name of protecting the school and the future of all shifters.

That all comes to an end when he finds out his wife is pregnant.

But leaving the fight doesn’t ensure that the fight leaves him. When word comes of increased vampire activity in the nearby city, Oberon feels it’s his job to investigate. His wife doesn’t agree.

Will Oberon honor his promise to his wife to spend his nights safe at home, or will he do what it takes to protect the school one more time?

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