Book Review: Wonderland Academy Year One by @melaniekarsak

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You may remember this book coming through my blog recently. (If not, I suggest you head there next to check out the excerpt and a giveaway.)

Well, I just couldn’t help myself. I went ahead and grabbed a copy because it just looked sooo good! And the story definitely did not disappoint. Read on for my take on Wonderland Academy. 😀


Wonderland Academy: Book One by Melanie Karsak | Tour organized by XPresso Book Tours | www.angeleya.comWonderland Academy: Book One
by Melanie Karsak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sooo glad I had a storm day to gobble this book up. So much fun, so much whimsy, and even a Wonderland recipes, modified for us Overthere-ians. 😀

My Description

Alice–call her Lacey–has an exclusive invite to Wonderland Academy. She’s probably crazy. After all, she only just got released from a psych ward. But Wonderland, real or not, is a place where she can get a fresh start, where she can learn magic, where she can be someone important.

If she can keep her head, that is.

My Review

I love this modern continuation of the old Alice in Wonderland stories, and I love the twists on the old characters with this whole new cast. The world really is a wonder, with classes like Teamancy and Jabberwocky riding, food like blinkberry scones and black and white untea, and magic around every corner. Just don’t trip over the cheshire cat. 😉 Oh, and did I mention there’s more than a few very attractive men involved? 😀

Can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the series!

**There is some swearing, though not excessive, and no f-bombs.

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