Book Review: Spice Bringer by @hlburkewriter

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Spice BringerSpice Bringer by H.L. Burke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Genre: YA Fantasy Romance


Niya’s lived her whole life with a deadly disease–a life that’s lasted much longer than most thanks to the vitrisar spice that her keeper grows. But Niya knows her time is short. Which is why when the grove burns to the ground, she sets out to preserve the plant that could give hope to the entire country. Aided by a mouthy fire salamander and a disgraced monk, she must get the plant to the hidden grove before the princess–and the rasp–catch up with her and ruin all chances of saving those who suffer as she does.


You might remember this cover from a while back. I did a cover reveal, and I was so excited about the beautiful cover, and then the description, that I had to read it. I went ahead and signed up for an ARC review, and I’m so glad I did. Phew! This book blew me away.

You can’t help but love Niya, who knows the entire time that she’s just a stone’s throw from death, and lives the best she knows how in the moments she has. The salamander was a bit irksome at the beginning, but he grows on you. A lot. And Jayesh, the disgraced monk, is adorable, and perfectly opposite Niya, with his careful dissection of every situation.

This is a beautifully crafted story of love, struggle, and culture. Seriously, grab the tissues, and find someplace comfortable to sit, because you’re going to want to devour this book.

**This book is clean!

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