Book Review: A Reluctant Assassin by @JCMorrows

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A Reluctant Assassin (Order of the MoonStone, #1)A Reluctant Assassin

by J.C. Morrows

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Kayden is supposed to go to the prince’s ball to earn his trust. She’s supposed to kill him, not fall for him. But as time goes on, she begins to question her assignment, and whether what she’s doing is really what’s best for the still suffering nation she thought she was risking her life to help.


This was a cute story. I’m definitely curious about the rest, as this ended rather abruptly. There are some bold Christian elements (namely, the prince) that I found interesting. I personally enjoyed them, but some readers might not.

I did find that the story┬álacked some of the tension and conflict the cover conveyed. I honestly felt Kayden wasn’t that hardened, really. Maybe not even assassin material. But she was interesting enough and the story was interesting enough that though my expectations weren’t met, I felt the story was still good.

I’ll have to add these books to my tbr pile when I get the chance. :)

And if you like this story, you’ll probably also enjoy The Alien’s Daughter┬áby the same author.

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