Book Review: Master of Emotion by D. Ogden Huff

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Master of Emotion (Sensitive, #1)Master of Emotion

(Too Sensitive #1)
by D. Ogden Huff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Twin brother Beau and Bryce couldn’t be more different. Even their strange, extra-sensory powers differ, Beau being able to read emotion, while Bryce can read thoughts. Bryce revels in his ability, but Beau closes himself off–until Rose enters the picture.

Rose is beautiful, but more than that, she has an almost supernatural ability to control her emotions. Beau is hooked after that first touch, and he takes more and more risks to be around her. Fortunately, Rose isn’t running away screaming. In fact, she seems nearly as intrigued as he is.

But meeting Rose will change his life in more ways than one, like connecting to others with similar abilities, and maybe even finding out why they have those abilities. Who knew one touch could change so much?


I loved Beau’s struggle to overcome his insecurities and fears, especially in regards to his abilities. And the romance between him and Rose is sweet. But the action at the end, and the bond that forms between those with abilities is probably my favorite part of the story. My mind keeps wandering back to it, so I’ll probably pick up the rest of the series to see how this one ends. :)

**This book was absolutely clean!

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