Book Review: In Her Dreams by @_joanna_reeder

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In Her Dreams Boxset by Joanna ReederIn Her Dreams Boxset
by Joanna Reeder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars



Emily dreams of other people’s lives. She dreams of their fears, their triumphs, their disappointments… and their deaths. Those are the worst.

But when she begins dreaming of a young Victorian woman named Lucy, Emily is intrigued. She dreams of Lucy night after night, falling more and more in love with her life, her world. Plus, there’s a handsome young man that Lucy is spending time with–her fiance’s cousin–and Emily is swooning.

Then suddenly there’s this new guy at school, except everyone already knows him. A friendship blossoms, and maybe something more, but where can that even go when she can’t get Dream Guy out of her head?

When Emily realizes Lucy is fated to die just months before her wedding, Emily decides to change her dreams.

Except these aren’t just dreams. These are real lives, real people that lived and died in the past, their bodies buried in her family’s graveyard. Emily has no idea what will happen if she saves Lucy, but she’s not yet ready to let go of Dream Guy.


I raced through book one, tried to put it aside to read another, and decided I couldn’t concentrate on anything else until I had finished this series. Holy crow! The characters were relatable, the drama heart-wrenching, and the entire plot was mind-blowing. This series felt so fresh, so believable, and it stuck with me for days afterward. I think I may have just gotten my first book hangover.

I figured out a little of the ending before it came, but there were so many surprises it hardly counts. The way everything threads together in the end had me thinking about the story for days. It’s so incredible, and the story felt truly fresh and original.

READ THIS! If you read nothing else this year, this series is outstanding. And the author has just released the boxset today! Grab it (before the prices goes up) so you can binge read to your heart’s content.

**This book is absolutely clean!

Fair warning, I’m a coauthor with Joanna in the Shifter Academy world, and I may have designed that boxset cover, but this by no means influenced my opinion of the books.

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