Book Review: The Huntress by @JohanTwiss

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The Huntress (I Am Sleepless, #2)I Am Sleepless: The Huntress
by Johan Twiss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aidan and his team are on the run from Director Tuskin and his unstoppable Huntress. But nothing goes as planned, and the Huntress is part of a history no one remembers, save for the director himself. If Aidan can just join the rebellion and meet the Reader, he might be able to end the destruction once and for all. Too bad getting there isn’t so simple.

The action kept me turning pages, and there are so many questions to be answered, but each answer uncovers a new rock with new questions. I love the world building in these books and the author’s writing is smooth and enjoyable. Looking forward to the conclusion of this story.

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*These books are clean!

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